The Pan-Grifterism of Tariq Nasheed

It’s certainly rich for Tariq Nasheed—someone who has made a living as both architect and purveyor of some of the most extractive runs on the black community in America—to now cry “Grift!” on Yvette Carnell for advocating a down ballot voting strategy ahead of November’s election. After all, here’s Tariq (eventually) recommending the very same approach during the last election cycle…

Evidently, to vote down ballot four years ago was a perfectly appropriate and sound use of one’s elective franchise. Now however, Nasheed promotes total abstention and claims that voting down ballot is merely a pretext for one individual to exploit the black community for personal gain. There’s no explanation for this theory. But with Nasheed there is never explanation, just further convolution, just an ongoing attempt to gussy up sheer vacuousness as significance and then sell it to people. No, he’s never been one for actual analysis. In Nasheed’s world, analysis doesn’t get it popping, ya dig? He has in fact only ever been a yapping thing, full of idiocy and spleen; a ridiculous Humpty Dumpty figure who peddles his gibberish with a shit-eating smirk and pushes one failed project after another all while being propped up by a devoted, frothing hype squad. He is someone who most recently was selling nonrefundable tickets (tiered $50-$500) during a pandemic, and who eventually convened hundreds of members of the community that is most vulnerable to the virus from around the country to one of the highest threat level states for a 3-hour conference that was held inside a building with an actual pop-up COVID-19 hospital onsite.

It’s not that Nasheed thinks voting down ballot is actually flawed as a tactic. At least, that’s not the sense that I get. Arguably, we can’t ever know what Nasheed sincerely thinks about anything at all, because I don’t know if he actually thinks…

These are the utterances of a man who has never had an original thought. I think whatever slithering activity happens in Nasheed’s skull is essentially infantile; the primitive thinking of a thing that is exclusively engrossed in itself and its own needs and interests. I think the sole criterion for his doing anything whatsoever is his perceived ability to profit off of someone else’s work. He has no core beliefs. He just goes along, listing from this viewpoint to that viewpoint, bringing along nothing but bluster and narcissism. One moment, this:

…another moment, that:

While Tariq Nasheed may momentarily inhabit and champion one specific cultural conviction, his only real, enduring belief system is a kind of Pan-Grifterism—an outlook in which anything and everything in the black diaspora is suitable for his cashing in on. That’s all. The advocacy stuff is just an add-on and none of it is real. And when one endeavor is over, all that’s left behind is his little slug’s trail of shysterism that he excretes before he moves onto the next thing. Is it any wonder why he has such animosity towards #ADOS? The genuinely transformative social movement that handily vanquished him before he could get his leech mouth around it? Now what’s left for him to do? What do the players say? Whatever it is, I’m sure someone else will have come up with it.