As American as Red-baiting: A Snapshot of Russian Web Traffic to One Very Pro-#ADOS Movement Space on the Internet

[Author’s note, added 3/7/19: It seems a few people declaiming this post online have this scenario in their heads wherein when I first hit the publish button, I’d apparently done so with a smug understanding that I would—with that single keystroke—effectively be putting to rest any suggestion of Russian involvement in the #ADOS movement. Alas, no. And while I find the below metric indicating traffic from Russian IP addresses to an explicitly pro-#ADOS site striking and kind of humorous (given the widely adopted theory that #ADOS is part of some Russian plot to sabotage the Democratic Party’s chances in 2020), I’m also pretty mindful of how one example of something constitutes a rather weak case for saying anything really conclusive about the larger phenomenon on which it intends to comment. But before totally dismissing this, it seems to me worth considering how the data supplied here—limited though it may be—nonetheless represents literally 100 percent more evidence suggestive of a basic *lack* of Russian engagement with #ADOS than anything that has thus far been produced by the supposed ‘experts’ who are appearing in the national media and actually stating as fact the matter of Russian infiltration. After all, one would think that these are people who have access to (or can easily obtain) the material that would corroborate the narrative they’re putting forward. The fact that they simply seem to be uninterested in doing that should really be the impetus for ridicule and derision rather than the appearance of a small bit of data that is—at the very least—interested in contributing to less speculative account of a situation.]

That’s .008% engagement from Russia over the last year, the place named by Democratic Party loyalists and intelligence ‘experts’ as the apparent hotbed for weaponizing and disseminating #ADOS dezinformatsiya throughout social media.

I invite you to extrapolate.