Certificate of Adoption

To take over the leadership of ADOS? Lol…no.

No one has any interest in trying to prove that you were ever imagined—even by Darity—as capable of being installed as a leader of a justice movement. Trust me. Absolutely no one besides your little coterie of egocentric windbags considers you leadership material. After all, Nyhiem, one really has to wonder: how could you ever be expected to carry a whole movement when you can’t even lift a pen? 👇

Nearly a month later, and it’s all crickets and tumbleweed over there on your Medium page.

I told you: don’t. I told you to keep my name out of your mouth, but I see you just stay talking about me on Twitter. That’s OK. I get it. I get it, Lord Blah-Blah. You can’t help but just talk way too much. But all I hear when you run your mouth like that on Twitter is really just a plea for me to make you my son, so I want you to consider this article the official Certificate of Adoption.

I went to your Medium page and read your one essay. It reads like it was originally written in crayon.

And I’ll be honest, now that I’ve actually read your stuff, I shouldn’t have said I was a better writer than you. What I should have said was that a dog pissing on a fire hydrant is a better writer than you are.

You need to stick to transmitting your thoughts orally. At least your actual voice is dynamic enough to animate and quicken whatever stunted nonsense that tiny nub sitting inside your skull manages to squeeze out. Because on paper, without any such enhancer, your voice enters the reader’s head like water dripping from a rusted old tap. I had to read your article twice because the first time I tried to read it—instead of hearing the actual words on the page—I got about a sentence in and started hearing only an eerie, echoey fairground music inside my head. That’s how barren and dull and vastly empty your prose is, Nyhiem. Lethal with a pen my ass… Your pen is about as lethal as a Nerf dart. You’re not even worth me shifting into a higher gear.

You little movement hobo. That’s all you are. You and your whole politically-dyslexic clique. Loud vagrants. You saw the #ADOS train coming ‘round the bend and you hopped to it on the double, running alongside it, tossing your little satchels of toxicity and chauvinism into an open car and then yanked yourselves aboard. No one is saying Darity “created” you for leadership. Darity looked upon you and BTP for exactly what you are: a little hype squad for his book and his H.R. 40 commission ambitions.

Let me show you what you are to him. Consider it our first and final father-son talk.

Here’s Darity in June of last year doing what he does: heaping praise on people like Nikole Hannah-Jones who—for all intents and purposes—has written about reparations as though she’s reporting on an alternate universe where #ADOS simply doesn’t exist.

Here—a few days later in response to Nikole Hannah-Jones—is Yvette doing what she does: defending the presence and the work of the ADOS movement in bringing the country to this point.

As Darity himself later admitted, Yvette’s defense of the movement (here labeled as an “attack”) from someone who is openly dismissive and contemptuous of it is what led to him distancing himself from the movement’s leadership.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that the first time he *ever* starts tweeting about BTP is the day after Yvette made it clear she would never put kid gloves on when it came to defending the movement from Darity’s colleagues? Understand that you were picked by Darity to serve him in a way that Yvette and Antonio had always refused: promotionally.

You are being used. I know you don’t care that you’re being used. But I also know that—for all your alpha male this alpha male that talk—that’s a pretty beta position you so proudly inhabit. That’s what can be proven as it relates to BTP and Darity. He saw you as a submissive bunch who would not hesitate to devote their entire platform to advertising his work. He didn’t create BTP; he just made you into his free merchandisers.

You’ll probably be tempted to respond to this. You’ll probably feel like you need to respond to this. I wouldn’t. If I were you, I would honestly stop talking altogether. I’m not even saying that to be mean; I’m giving you advice. I’m saying that it’s literally in your best interest to just stop talking. You and Logic. Because—and I’ll leave you with this—there is a demonstrable negative correlation between the amount of times you open your cavernous mouth and the amount of people who, in turn, just tune you completely the fuck out. Just look at the phenomenon play out over the last month…

Keep up the great self-destructive work. Darity sure knows how to pick ‘em.