This is how you lose: thoughts on the Biden win.


Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt. And dance like you’ve just exhausted your absolute last weapon against neoliberal reign.

The above should be mandatory décor in every U.S. democratic socialist’s kitchen. And each morning they should look at it while they sip their espressos as the permanent rearguards of society, dreaming about how they will one day be the first to glory in the revolution that they have in fact done their utmost to retard.

The most reactionary administration that we have seen in our lifetime did not, it turns out, create the conditions favorable for socialism. It did not discredit gradualism. It created the conditions for Joe Biden, the standard-bearer for incrementalism if ever there was such a figure in American politics and someone who you’ve just gotta imagine is very eager to sit down with McConnell & co. and do some tough-minded budget math to bludgeon those entitlements in the name of ‘efficiency’.

The left will get nothing. What was presented to them as concessions were in fact the Articles of Surrender. Here, you cretins. Here is your slop.


2020 is a sort of hideous non-response to the past four years in the United States in general and to one particular group’s last four-hundred years. But at least that group—American Descendants of Slavery—can proceed upright, knowing that they said no; that they said, “We’re not doing the thing we’ve historically done, which is the quadrennial plank walk where we get shoved inside the voting booth and told to rubberstamp one party into the presidency because they show us the kindness of bleeding us out slower than the other one does.”

Alternatively, the left as it is currently constituted ceded all credibility as a legitimate threat to the status quo and then did like a fucking celebratory pub crawl once the election was called. There can be no doubt that their coalition and their politics are both now merely a new branding strategy for the center-left establishment.


I don’t know. In a certain way it’s so interesting. Biden’s victory seems to mark the divergence of two political forces in America; the American left, which is absolutely in decline, and #ADOS, which is in ascension.

I have no doubt whatsoever that the left will repudiate the suggestion that they gave #ADOS no genuinely hopeful place to go, but that is simply a fact of their program over the last four years. The left has instead just bullied the group about how socialist policies are good for them and that they should shut up, which is about the dumbest and most offensive strategy I can think of, and was one which they advanced with mouthbreathing ignorance right up until the day of the election. Forget the left’s answer to the question of what’s possible when it comes to ADOS; they have in fact consistently sought to diminish—rather than work to raise—both their own and ADOS’s expectations about what’s even right.

But the left can be assured that ADOS being able to secure what is right for them absolutely has implications for the left’s own goals. And it is at their own peril that they continue to pretend that rectifying ADOS’s specific oppression is not every single bit if not more of a public responsibility as are the fights for whatever other freedoms can be accorded to us as citizens under big, expensive government programs. It will be a lesson that the left will learn to their sorrow: they cannot—they simply cannot—reshape the economy in a democratic, egalitarian way if they do not prioritize reparations for ADOS. This is an insight that has somehow been so thoroughly forgotten—so banished from memory—that if the left would only allow itself to really think about it, it would undoubtedly feel like a revelation. It would lead to a victory genuinely worth dancing in the streets over.