Is This Your Queen?

The only thing I will say about Nikole Hannah-Jones is this: I met her in early October of 2018 when we were walking past each other on Throop Avenue in Bed-Stuy by St. Philip’s Church. I stopped to tell her that I seriously admired the work that she had done (and was doing) on school segregation. I told her I was looking forward to attending the talk that she was going to be giving on exactly that subject the following week at Boys & Girls High School here in the neighborhood. Before parting ways I mentioned that I, too, wrote and that I wrote about #ADOS. I asked her if she had heard of Yvette Carnell and BreakingBrown (I didn’t ask if she had heard about #ADOS because, at that time, the movement hadn’t really broken through yet like it would just a few months later in early 2019). Nikole answered that she had indeed heard of Yvette Carnell and that she liked the work that she was doing. So when, today, in 2020, she says something like this…

…it indicates that she was either lying then or she’s lying now. And I can’t for the life of me figure out why she’d have felt the need to lie to some no-name writer two years ago. Now, however, the moment seems ripe for such dissimulation.


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